Rainbow Bar




T-shirt featuring the fragrance journey of 19-69 Rainbow Bar. T-shirt has baseball stitchings and screen print in black, back and front.
Available in sizes S, M, L, XL – Model is 1.84 cm and wearing M. 100 % cotton. Made in Turkey.
Limited quantity. Please add desired size in the order notes.


I’m at the hush-hush security area of Van Nuy´s airport, waiting for my new employer V. S. I’m excited, bored to death and a bit nervous. Next level – here I fucking come.

I have been hanging around this lounge for four days now and been getting hourly updates regarding my employer´s whereabouts. And finally, he is arriving. Through the glass doors I see this persona coming down the stairs from the small jet. Super tight yellow shorts, way too short leather jacket, long sweeping hair and boots. Small tote over his shoulder. I rest my case. This guy is an icon.

First thing he says: “Howdy man. Have you got any coke?” My head spins and I do a double take. He is asking for coke now? It’s 3.30 am. How the heck am I going to get hold of anything stronger than coffee at this hour? I grab my phone and start flicking through my contacts for Doctor Emergency´s details. If I don’t get hold of this special order I might loose my job before I even started it. However, V.S chuckles. “It’s all right son. I meant Coca Cola.”

He produces a brand new bottle of Jack Daniels from his bag. Relieved, I enter the lounge area and push the button of the vending machine for a soda. I return to V.S with the can of Coke and say: “You want ice with that?” He has already enjoyed what must be an impressive exact amount of 33 cl while I was away fetching the drink. There is a moment of silence while he empties the soda into the liquor. “No, son. But you can drop me off at the Rainbow.”

A celebration of the 80s and 90s when the rock scene ruled the strip in L.A. For all the groupies, the endless parties, the indulgence and the beautiful corpses.