Chinese Tobacco

CHINESE TOBACCO – scented candle – giant size – 5300 gr

℮5880ML 198FL.OZ.



Chinese Tobacco Giant scented candle. 5880 ml/5300gr. A blend of the finest vegetable waxes in a traditional formula from 1961. Measurements 190mm x 300mm.  5 wicks. Candle will burn for approximately 250 – 300 hours. Hand crafted in Italy.

Chinese Tobacco is a capture of the legendary films like Indochine and Apocalypse Now. Reflections of the distinct contrasts in Asia. East meets West, the Old and the New.


“Chinese Tobacco is inspired by the the timeless masterpiece Apocalypse now by Francis Ford Coppola. The film takes place in Vietnam in 1969. Major influences for the fragrance was the powerful scene featuring Aurore Clement and Martin Sheen smoking opium. The the classic line ´I love the smell of napalm in the morning´. The title of the movie was actually inspired by a button badge popular with hippies in the 1960s saying Nirvana now.”

Fragrance notes

Italian Bergamot - Tobacco - Red Pepper - Lemon - Ginger - Coriander - Incense Resionid - Cedarwood - Vanilla - Tar - Oud - Vetiver

Top notes

The first scent impression of a fragrance are the top notes. Usually light aromas that evaporate quickly, lingering for 10 to 15 minutes. When sample a fragrance at a counter, this is the aroma that you experience.

Italian Bergamot


Red Pepper


Mid notes

These are the main body of the perfume. Emerge just prior to when the top notes dissipate. Scents from the mid notes appear anywhere from two minutes to one hour after the application of the perfume.



Base notes

Bring depth and solidity to the perfume. These notes are the foundation of the fragrance and slow down the evaporation of the lighter notes. The base notes are usually not perceived until 30 minutes after the application of the perfume or during the period of perfume dry-down. The bottom notes of a fragrance last for some four to five hours on your skin.

Incense Resionid