Purple Haze by 19-69 is deep, powerful, quirky and captivating. Fragrance notes include Cannabis Accord, Violet Leaf and Patchouli.
Inspired by the settings of Villa Malaparte and the iconic film Le Mépris (1963).
Journal 06011 - FRAGRANCE JOURNEY - 23.08.2021


Orange Kush Eau de Parfum is dedicated to the origins of skateboarding. The fragrance is unexpected, fresh, fizzy and
orange. Fragrance notes include Sweet Orange, Hemp and Tangerine Blossom.

A Palm Angels + 19-69 collaboration.Based on the statement “Let ́s Rise Together” by Francesco Ragazzi of Palm Angels.
The fragrances are influenced by the diversity of California: The breathtaking scenery of mountains, golden beaches and surreal deserts. The laid-back attitude and electric vibe created by surfers and skaters.

“Nature is a really great leveler. It doesn’t care who you are or where you come from. It teaches you to be fluid
and to be able to take abuse when it’s beyond your control; to rise every time you bail. Every morning this group of kids would surf the waves in Santa Monica and Venice Beach. As the day grew older and the waves got calmer, they would head to empty backyard pools with their boards.
This was such an innovative, free era which founded the skateboard culture. By doing something many
considered a waste of time, these kids ended up influencing others around the world for generations to come. I can recall reading Skateboarder Magazine and building my own vert ramps in my parents’ garden. A huge part of skateboarding is not about winning or loosing but about the process. It’s practically an artform.”

In a small apartment in Dog Town, L.A, the TV is on, full blast. Posters and pictures up on the walls show sceneries of the ocean and black and white pictures. Loud knocking on the door. “Hold on, hold on, coming!”
One of the tribe members appears in the doorway. Navy blue hat, light blue shirt, high socks, and shorts featuring a yin/yang sign, doobie neatly tucked behind the ear.
“Hey dude, what’s up?”
“Hey man, nothing, what time is it?”
“Eight o’clock”.
“Man, if you come by and wake me up real early like this again, you’ll die. Are there any waves? Did you look at the waves on the way here?”
“Nah man, didn’t look yet. Grab the cream and let’s hit the beach.”
Slightly dazed, his newly awakened friend stretches and puts on a yellow sleeve-less shirt before heading to the bathroom mirror. He ties a red scarf around his head and finishes off the look with white mirrored shades. Next to the bed, piles of magazines. A surfboard leaning against one of the cabinets and a skateboard with orange Kryptonic wheels, red letters stating Alva across, next to it. Minutes later they’re performing their daily ritual skating through the streets of Venice.
All tanned with tousled hair, bleached from salt water and the Cali rays, a bunch of team members are hanging out on the rocks front row. The sun is beaming and the breeze tingles with fresh salty ocean air. Zipping on an orange soda, one of the guys sits down next to a girl in white top and black board shorts.
“Hey, how you doing sweetheart? How long have you been here, have you been in? Look how offshore it is. It looks like it’s time.”
Based on scenes from the documentary Skateboard Kings (1978) and photos by Hugh Holland.