Purple Haze by 19-69 is deep, powerful, quirky and captivating. Fragrance notes include Cannabis Accord, Violet Leaf and Patchouli.
Inspired by the settings of Villa Malaparte and the iconic film Le Mépris (1963).
Journal 02378 - FRAGRANCE JOURNEY - 01.01.2020


The fragrance Female Christ ensures that the memory of the art performance carried out at the Copenhagen Stock Exchange in 1969 will live on forever. Earthy and woody with integrity.

In 1969, a naked woman carrying a cross, walked through the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. The performance act went under the name “Female Christ”.

“We went there in a taxi; I was naked underneath my black coat, and kept the cross against my stomach… I was amazingly nervous… But suddenly they were in full swing. David stood by the exit, filming, and Bjørn was walking with a tape recorder and with my clothes, and then I started walking. I remember a rope was suddenly blocking my way. I wasn´t expecting that, so that was quite weird, but then I just kept walking with the cross, holding it up high at first and then downwards, the way you hold a yo-yo. Then it was over. And you could have heard a pin drop! Someone shouted “But – you can´t do that!”  and “Good Heavens! Look, Sørensen, look!” Then we went out to the taxi waiting outside and drove away.” 

Source: Tania Ørum, article in the book for the exhibition ”Amatørfilmen som ideal”, The National Gallery of Denmark, 2010